SAL Island

The island of Sal is like nowhere else in the world

Nestled off the warm African west coast lies Sal, part of the Cape Verde group of islands. This relatively unknown archipelago, with its endless sparkling white sands and over 350 days of sunshine a year, is a unique melting pot of Portuguese, African and Brazilian cultures, reflected in the island’s vibrant music, fashion and wonderful food.

Enjoy lazy days in the sun or heart-pumping water sports, and snorkellers and divers will discover an abundance of tropical fish, Caretta turtles, and dolphins. Kids (and grown-ups!) will marvel at the Terra Boa mirage, an optical illusion that conjures a peaceful-looking lake out of nowhere. Visit Pedra de Lume with its therapeutic salt water in the crater of an extinct volcano. Wherever you go, you’ll be welcomed by the friendliest people, taste delicious fresh food and be surrounded by stunning sandy beaches. It’s no wonder “No Stress” is the island’s motto.

Santa Maria

On the southern tip of Sal Island, you’ll find the charming town of Santa Maria. Renowned for long, wide beaches, the town is dotted with pastel-coloured buildings. The old harbour’s Weigh House recalls Sal’s salt-trading history, while the crystal-clear waters are home to rays and sea turtles. Nearby, exposed Kite Beach is a popular kitesurfing destination.

Sunset Party
dunas amphitheater

The Pier

Each day at the pier is a vibrant tapestry of local life and culture. As the sun rises, Cape Verdeans take their morning swim, in the crystal-clear waters. A place where local children dive into the ocean from the end of the pier, their laughter and splashing creating the symphony of fun.

Witness the daily catch being brought ashore by local fishermen, their boats filled with the freshest seafood. These fishermen, skilled and weathered by the sea, often sell their catch right off their boats, offering an authentic taste of Cape Verdean life.

The lively atmosphere is further enriched by numerous souvenir stalls. Here, you can browse a colourful array of locally made bracelets and keepsakes, each item a unique memento of this beautiful place. The stalls are a feast for the senses, with vibrant colours and the engaging chatter of vendors.

Enjoy the stunning ocean views and the bustling pier, making your visit a memorable part of your holiday.


The city of Espargos (Portuguese for “asparagus”) is the island’s capital. Beautiful open squares, vibrantly painted facades, and pedestrian-friendly streets tempt guests to wander and explore.

A visit to the tropical island of Sal is quite simply the holiday of a lifetime in a little corner of paradise.

Sunset Party